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Problems in CL

Aug 17, 2009
Ok, basicly there are some problems with what the characters say in CL. 1. In stormriven, when your trying to unlock the five cheating bosses (you know, like cuthilla) When you tell him that nothing happened when you interacted with the pillar, he says "They CANT resist being summoned" He should say "They CAN resist being summoned" 2. In the trail of the spheres, the star boss, says what the celestian guarding the star relic said, when you get closer he says what he is supossed to say but he is mute. 3. In the chancel, when you first enter, the shark guy says what the final boss says. ("Someone has disturb my domain, enter and welcome your fiery doom" or something like that) That is all I remember, I am shure there are some more. these are not big problems but some people are serious about this kind of stuff. So plz fix these.

Cody RedFlame
Legendary Fire Wizard