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Power Pip and Fizzle Rate in Celestia

Jan 24, 2010
Today, I played in Celestia, the Grotto, for two hours with my sorceress. Although my power pip rate is 72% in my stats, I received white pips over 70% of the time. My fizzle rate was OVER 50% on balance attack spells, even though Balance has a high accuracy. My sorceress died repeatedly due to the very high fizzle rate, and the fact that I could not build pips to attack with any strength.

Celestia was great fun for my theurgist, because she can heal infinitely, but I'm questioning whether to even continue with my balance wizard. I don't have time or energy to sit and repeat battles for hours, only to lose and then start over. (The poor item drop rate is a problem, too.)

KI, I know you worked hard on Celestia, and I appreciate this great game you've produced. However, I think it's not fair to stack the battles so much in the enemy's favor that it's pretty much guaranteed wizards will die more than they live before they get to level 56 and can acquire some reasonable critical ratings.

Could you balance it out a little? Maybe make levels 51-54 a little more enjoyable, instead of a steady and slow exercise in frustration?

Rowan Earthsong, very frustrated Grandmaster Sorceress

Apr 10, 2009
Hunter IceFlame, Legendary storm. i know how you feel. when i was lvl 51-54 i would always fiz and i do think that maybe they should change it. I agree with you

May 07, 2010
Yeah, try being a Fire wizard through all of that.

The zone does get easier as you level up and get a few celestia gear pieces. I'm still peeved that KingsIsle totally made level 50 gear near worthless in Celestia.

The zone really can't be soloed. So you have to jump in with others. Be sure to give them support when you enter the ring. Please everyone just don't set up your spells and let the another person take hits from all the enemies (their own and the ones you pulled).