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Aug 14, 2011
I am looking for the storm cat polymorph but i cant find which school it is at.( i mean hidden schools) Also what lvl you have to be to train it.

John Giriffenstalker lvl 54 sorcerer

Community Leader
Celestia - The Portico - Moon trainer- level 54. Information found at Wizard101 Central Wiki

I actually like this one and the treant best. :D

Jul 21, 2009
Go to Stormriven work your way to The Ossuary when in there go back turn in the broken wall on the right you will see Celestian Remnant stay to the left and and walk around the wall you will see a NPC called Ulantor Starmist , Ploymorph Master you can get all the spells from him. good luck hope this helps :)

May 03, 2012
i am still in dragonspyre but my friends are ahead of me in celestia thats where you get polymorhs add someone that has armour form there teleport to him/her and go to the hub area now go down to a metal plateform and you see trainers well not trainers but more of objects press X near the moon trainer you can now polymorh :D next to get other polymorhs besides the gobbler and salamander you have to go to the floating land and go to a man and press X there is now polymorh spells with him but they are treasare cards and you have to craft them i am a pyromancer so i dont now if there is that polymorh

ethan soul heart master pyromancer

level 47 and growning pyromancers rock