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Polymorph Treant

Sep 02, 2009
I have a really hard time with the seal of the seven seas. When I found out that polymorph treant treasure cards need golden pearl, I can't believe it. I need 16 golden pearl to get it. And I only earn 1 every day! I search for 1 hour, and I only find like one golden pearl! Can someone who can easily find golden pearl rade it please? I need five of them. Whoever wants to could you please tell me when, what your name is, what time, where, and what you are willing to trade for it? Thanks! You can also help by telling me where the best place to collect golden pearl is, and I am wondering if the Grotto is a good place to harvest golden pearl. By the way, does anyone by any chance know if the Keep Clam quest is giving the great reagents to help celestian people with crafting, or so that they would sell the golden pearl so people shopping would see the golden pearl and buy it?

P.S I will make sure you would get great treasure cards, but If dont have any ones you are willing to trade for a polymorph treant, we can always postpone it. Sometimes I run out of treasure cards and if that happens, I will notify you soon as possible.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Sep 02, 2009
Apr 30, 2010
You can't trade polymorph cards. I've tried to do it and they are not tradeable.

Sep 02, 2009
Oct 15, 2010
The Polymorph Treants are avaliable at The Archivist, in District of the Stars. You can also farm the Portico for Pearls*, which can be Transmuted into Golden Pearls. Every now and then you get one too :D.

*What I mean is go in, find all the Pearls WITHOUT combat, go back out. Go in, get them, etc.

Hope this helped!

Evan Shadow
Level 60
Waterworks Warrior
(Current Badge equipped)