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"Please Release Me" quest not working.

Feb 14, 2011
My main wizard is a level 70, and now that KingsIsle has updated the game to notifying you of new quests or ones that haven't been activated yet, I went scouting throughout all of Celestia to see if I may have missed something. Sure enough, I checked my map in Stormriven and saw the logo of Zheath Battleweaver with a flashing yellow ring around it; meaning new or unactivated quest. He gave me the "Please Release Me" quest (see here: http://www.wizard101central.com/wiki/Quest:Please_Release_Me) and I went straight away to complete it. After defeating two Shadow-Web Mercenaries, it still showed 0 out of 5 defeated on the quest page of the book. I figured I just missed a pop-up notification telling me "did not collect", even though it isn't a collect quest. So I tried again, this time joining someone else already in battle with two Mercenaries, while I brought in a Shadow-Web Wraith. (I think it was...) Anyway, we defeated all three enemies, but the text just above my level bar on-screen told me "0 out of 5 Shadow-Web Mercenaries Defeated"--and, of course, it said the same in the book too. I just logged off to start searching Google for "wizard101 please release me" to see if anyone else had already reported this issue, but I found nothing. No one mentioned it on Yahoo! Answers, or Ask, or whatever else usually shows up through Google. Then I checked Frequently Asked Questions in Help on the Message Boards here, but nothing. No one else has asked about this. It would seem I'm the only one experiencing this. Is that true? Has no one else come across this glitch? Anyway, I'll be reporting the problem to KingsIsle after this. I just wanted to post so that if anyone does have this problem and searches it in the future, know you're not alone.

(First time poster here, but I read the Rules of Conduct first. I hope I've done nothing wrong in posting this.)

Jun 14, 2009
Well your not the only one with Stormriven problems. Sadly, I am in Stormriven Hall. Well, I do the last quest in the tower and go back and tell Vassek and he didn't give me another quest. It's been a few days now and I am really dissapointed in this because I have membership for a month and it is running out and I am not using it wisely. I am not being mean to Wizard101 or anything but I wasted 10 dollars on a membership that was useful for only a week. Is this Celestia problems? I hope they will shut down Wizard101 for maintence. If they dont get this fixed i will not be able to play much of this anymore.

I will die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Wizard101!

Storyhunter101 please make sure that you are defeating Shadow-Web Mercenaries not Shadow-Web Conscripts. They look a lot alike and are easy to mix up.