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Please ask before jumping into fights

Oct 10, 2010

I have died many many times in Celestia because high level wizards have jumped into my fights with no warning.

I often use a solo deck which is completely different from the deck I use when I play in group as soloing takes a different strategy to stay alive. As a death wizard I hit and heal in the same move, so if you jump in when I'm soloing I end up tanking the extra mobs you bring in and I'm unable to cope with the extra damage.

I have just died again because 3 people jumped into my fight just as I was about to finish off the last mob I was fighting. I was low on health and the new mobs they brought in killed me as I was in first position.

So I'm politely asking if other wizards could simply ask before they jump into fights

Dec 04, 2009
I whole-heartedly agree!! My husband and I play almost every evening and there is always someone jumping in without asking. When we are questing or farming, we ALWAYS ask if someone needs help or minds us jumping in. The majority of "jumpers" is young, but occasionally there are grown-ups who are just as rude and inconsiderate. We do understand that sometimes people get pulled in accidentally....no harm, no foul. If we get pulled in, we're ALWAYS prepared to heal others, if needed, even if we have to sacrifice ourself to do it. If the other wizard is kind and considerate and still doesn't achieve his/her goal, we stick around and ask if they need help again.

Iridian Dreamhunter
Lvl 55 Fire

Jul 27, 2009
this i agree i ask before i join.
and you should request to be added before you just FLASH THAT ... ... dialog box across the screen . i have lost way to many fights because of it

if you do not get an answer then DO NOT use the add button ....

i can read log after the fight

i need to buy a new key board now because of this....

Dec 15, 2009
I also agree. But, what if the enemy is about to die? What if someone knows you are about to die and they know that and you are the only one in battle, and they can heal? Just Saying. And some people just type S-L-O-W-L-Y . . .