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osseus nightreaver

Apr 23, 2011
Read the posts, there is good advice here :). I just defeated Osseus by maxing out death resistance and attack strength with the following gear (thanks to BaconCop and fghjk4235): Hat - Wicked Mantle, Robe - Chaos Armor, Shoes - Wicked Walkers. The rest of the stuff is mix and match as you want. I focused on prisms, blades, traps (feints are great!), and shields. His hits are small with all the resistance and, if you take time to convert and maximize your attack spells (use the Wraith), you will beat this guy. You can always load some extra death spells, shields, prisms, traps and blades in your Treasure Deck for backup. Don't worry too much about health spells, I tossed all mine away during the fight. Good luck!

May 23, 2010
The key to this battle which I used was to 1 hit KO the boss, take out the minion first, and use amulet and treasure card feint as well as all your real spells. Also, don't be intimidated by the cheat feints and just heal when you realy need it because if you use a wraith on him with all the traps and buffs, well I did roughly 15000 damage without critical and no treasure feint. I hope this works, since it might have only been me. Also I recommend some dispels and death shields.

Jul 11, 2011
So here's how to beat osseus. He isn't really hard if ya know the right strategy.Here's what i did: first i went through all my clothes and tried to find the ones that resisted the most death. Then i equipped my deck with 5 death blades, 5 prisms, 5 death traps, 5 feints, and 5 curses.For the attacks, i equipped 5 wraiths and 5 scarecrows. You might want to equip some death shields too if you don't have clothes that resist. So first i did a death blade. Then i did a prism FIRST. Don't worry about the trap incident since you got your resistance and/or shields. Then use feint curse and trap in any order. do not equip healing spells since the wraith will heal you. Equip any astral spells you think will help too. Then use wraith. it will do 4,000 damage to 10,000 damage depending on your statistics and his resistance and all. Keep doing it until he's dead.

Don't get mad at me for running out of prisms. It happened to me too but he should be lowly healed enough for you to beat him.

May 17, 2011
Is Osses Nightreaver only for death school? Its because I think death school people are writing. :| :x :( :-o :-( 8)

Mary SparkleBlossom Level 57 Grandmaster Thurgest

May 01, 2011
i must agree i waiting to get crowns to summon level 70 henchman to finsih this boss! i want my skeletal drgaon!

Jan 14, 2012
qwertyuiop749 wrote:
I actually thought he was too easy. I was surprised that I beat him because I am not even very good at this game.

1. I had the Eclipse outfit and the athames and rings gave me a total of a +60% outgoing death damage. I had no death resistance, but my health never dropped below 1500. If you want to use my strategy, focus on attack and blocking power because you dont need resistances.
2. The only attack spell you should have is wraith. I packed 7 wraiths, 7 prisms, 7 death blades, 7 spirit blades, 7 feints, 7 curses, and 7 death traps. I also packed several shields and a scarecrow but I never used the scarecrow.
3. Once you get in, get a death blade, put a prism on the minion, and wraith her. Now you can focus on Osseus.
4. I used about 4 or 5 boosted wraiths on Osseus. The attack power ranged from 2.5k - 4.5k. For each attack make sure you have a death blade, spirit blade, prism, and feint. Curse and death trap are very helpful as well, but if you dont find them in your deck, dont discard everything to get them. Every now and then you're gonna have to shield. Do NOT use healing spells cause wraith will heal you.

I hope this helped the people who dont have crowns for henchmen and dont have polymorph spells. When I was on youtube, I saw someone use the same strategy to beat him. Her username is labvgirl or something like that. Maybe that video will help more.

Ok So Im a level 58 and I got him down to about 2,000 health when I got owned (lol) I came here and did what the quote from qwertyuiop749 said and got the Eclipse outfit (the whole thing shoes, Hat and robe) I was wondering if it would help and had thought maybe he got lucky with it and everything just went right when he used it and the way he set the deck up.

Well I went back and smoked him first try (well actually 2nd try but first with this set up)
I stacked my deck with 7 prisms 7 blades 7 wraiths 7 shields 7 30 traps 7 20 traps 7 70 feints a minion card and a reshuffle, I also put some wraiths in the gold cards and prisms.
I used the shields when they came up and while waiting for a prism I put extra blades or shields until it came up.
I didnt use the reshuffle and I didnt use any minions fearing they would cast a spell and take out my 70 traps. so with 7 of each I walked right through it and again like allot of people are posting here I left with full health and got my bone dragon!!!!! I feel like I won the lottery lol

I did what many posters said and ignored the 30 traps on myself as they were worrying me but they cant use them all so a shield here and there slows it down until you wraith him and bang your full health again.

Problem is on the first attempt I got carried away and put the wraith on him to early thinking some heath back is better than losing but load him up with a prism then in whatever order a 70, 30 and a 20 trap and put a blade on you and big hit time. I didnt go critical at all during the match but he did so I want to thank qwertyuiop749 for the helpful post!! You rock

Michael Boom

Dec 31, 2010
Hi guys. I'm not bragging but I beat Osseus, FIRST TIME!. Although it did last almost an hour and my death incarnate did nothing but make itself hexful AND he just kept eating up my prisms. So here is what you should do:
1. Get minion, preferably a healer with decent health
2. Get a deck with a lot of space and some reshuffle treasure cards
3. Get gear with death resist as well as a powerboost to your own school.
Hope it helps!
Sincerely Jeffrey Spirithunter
level 69 necromancer
"Our lives our built on the death of others"