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Not getting XP?

Jul 08, 2009
Hi everyone, I would pose a problem. Today I did a run through the Portico, you know for my quests. I look and the green hasn't moved in my XP bar. I was thinking maybe I am just thought there was more in it. So I keep going and I realize I am not getting XP. I look and the quest says zero XP. I know that if you do the dungeon the XP lowers but I never did the Portico on this character. Why is it saying zero XP? Also, I didn't just forget, I write everyone dungeon I go in if I power level a lower level character. I checked my power level sheet and I only did Crimson Fields. Please help me figure out my mess, thanks!

Joshua SunSong Lvl 53 Balance
Christopher LifeHeartLvl 110 Life
Cass IronStriderLvl 110 Storm