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No housing items?

Jan 07, 2010
So as far as I've read and observed, Celestia offers no housing items. Now houses themselves I can understand as it took a good while for Grizzle to get them (even if they used the slimy move of making them for Crowns), but not even giving any furniture item? Really? I live for that stuff. My castle has a whole room dedicated as a museum to the different worlds. Grizzle may not have a lot of furniture drops or rewards, but at least they are there.

At this point I'd still be annoyed if I found that they added them in later as I'll be forced to either level up and redo missions with another character to transfer of have to buy them off the auction house.

Jan 01, 2010
Yes, I have noticed the same thing. I really like the houses (have most of them) and enjoy collecting items and coming up with different ideas. I certainly hope KI comes out with Celestia house soon (at least the turtle is there). As for the housing items, I am hoping (KI: hint, hint, hint) that we will be credited with any housing items they fold into the game for completed quests. At least they better!

Also, KI, in case you haven't started the Celestia house yet, please, please, please create a floating island space!!! I love the floating island and it's tiki decor!!!

May 02, 2010
Well for one so glad they do not drop. Why because this has clogged up the old worlds with a ton of housing stuff, that you may get instead of the gear you desperately need or want. Now as for selling some CL houses and furniture would love to see that in the near future. I do believe it is in the cards as you will notice the turtle dude who sells houses is sitting in CL commons, near the test of the spheres.