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No Celestia houses?

Apr 24, 2010
I have noticed there are no CL houses. The turtle guy is there, but you can't buy anthing from him. It's too bad, because I would like to have a CL house!!! I hope KI is coming out with CL houses. Well, here are my idea for houses.
1. Under water cavren.
When you walk in : You see a cave. You go thourgh it and 2 towers( like golem tower) is in front of you. Everything is under water, exspect for the inside of the tower. Both towers has 3 floors, and a secret room. A walkway connects the 2 towers. When you are outside, a rock wall surround your house. The wall is covered in coral! On one side of the wall, there is a little cave with stairs going into it!
This costs: 15,000 gold
2. Coral Castle!!!
When you walk in: A huge castle with coral on it is there. 2 crab gaurds are in front of the door. When you walk in the castle, a court yard is there where a pvp battle field is. Around the walls there are four doors. They lead to 4 rooms. If you walk thourgh the right place in the wall, there is a secret hallway that leads to each room. In all the rooms there are stairs leading to another room, and those rooms have stairs that lead to a hallway. You can peak down to look at the court yard or look into the sun set in the sky( ok, there is no sun set in wizard101, but anyway) In the backyard, there is a pond you can walk thourgh. This house is sourrounded by a rock wall with coral on it. A set of stairs is in the wall. They lead to a square room where there is water up to your ankles. Everything is under water execpt the inside of the house and the secret room.
This costs: 90,000 gold
Ok those are my ideas. BYE!!! From, melcookie925

Aug 23, 2009
I agree, I hope CL houses come out as well there is so much that can be done and I do like your ideas.