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New spells as you level up?

Apr 27, 2009
You know how before, if you reach a certain level, your teacher calls you and asks you to do a quest and then you get a spell only a person in that school can get (i.e. Ice Blade). Are there going to be more spells like that (Other then the 8 pip spells) after level 50? Like around level 55? It would really be a great thing to do. Btw, I dont mean the new 8 pip spells like Efreet.

Community Leader
As of right now there aren't any, for your own schools. They do have all the new astral schools which are pretty awesome. Your own schools level 58 spells.

In the astral archives , from the archcavist ( sorry spelling) You can buy the polymorphs moon school spells to try them out.

Jun 21, 2010
I think, even if for a short time, we should be offered trading our training points back for coins, not just crowns. As the new gear is crazy and doesn't help with health much in certain schools (like storm which is low for health anyway) and if some of us knew there would have been new schools coming, we would have saved our training points. Idk, maybe schools have been added in the past, maybe not, our family has only been playing a few months, but when an entire family has a monthly (or yearly) subscription, it is costly anyway, to not get that option when something like this comes out, well, sometimes it just makes you want to say forget it and give up on whole thing!