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My Take on Celestia

Apr 09, 2010
Survey Camp: This area is easy because it's the first area.

Grotto: The 10th rank enemies were a surprise, but they have as much health as a 9th rank.

District of the Stars: KI, I believe you switched the stats for the Piscean ice enemies here and the Crustacean ice enemies in the Grotto.

Stellarium: Unimatus is right on par for an instance boss, but Selwyn was a letdown! His health is 2,000 below Unimatus's and is Moon School, consequently making his power pip chance 0.

Floating Land: I was smashed to pieces over and over again with the 10th rank enemies here.

Stormriven: There is a small "hangout" for rank 9 here, but everywhere else is rank 10. I had the most fun here.

Stormriven Hall: I like the mini-instance, but the final boss there only has 3,000 health!

Portico/Lunarium: Seriously?! I had fun battling ELITES and Selwyn's clone Selenor (but Selenor has 2,000 more health).

Science Center: I tore through this place like a dog tears through meat.

Crustacean Empire: The sheer number of bosses here makes up for the sheer lack of enemy difficulty.

Chancel: The rank 10 shark bosses sure were a challenge solo, but why is the FINAL boss only rank 9?

Trial of the Spheres:
Stellar Sanctum: I love puzzles! Plus, Astraeus was rather challenging, I needed help to do him.
Lunar Sanctum: Easy battles, then an easy boss with an easy cheat. KI, could you not have thought of something better than "blade to make shields go bye bye"?
Solar Sanctum: Mithraya was an ultra let down! After a while, the -50% accuracy charms are left in the dust as the player buffs more and more. I had no trouble with her after round 2 - she was just a normal boss then.