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Morganthe's Propechy

Jul 16, 2012
The mirror breaking is mirror lake in Zafaria and the sky will almost be destroyed in Aztecas last dungeon, Xibalba

Feb 05, 2013
fireguy88301 on Mar 12, 2011 wrote:
I'm sorry but who is morganthe I'm in the district if stars and I haven't heard of her
(Sorry I know this post is from a long time ago, but I feel like I have to answer it) Morganthe is the Umbra Queen, the main... evil? from the second story line. You should probably hear about her soon.

Mar 13, 2012
Dragonflame8 on Dec 9, 2010 wrote:
"The mirror will break
The horn will call
I strike from the sahdows
and the skies will fall!"

...Hello fellow wizards. I've made this topic so we can discuss the intriguing
topic of the prophect Morganthe recites in the Solar District.

What new worlds do you think they point to?

My idea is that for "the mirror will break" it references a parallel, dark realm called Umbra, (name from various hints).

For the horn will call- maybe it points toward the landform a horn on a mountain, meaning an area in this world called the Horn of.... of The ....Horn will be calling for help.

For I strike from the shadows- a world in which she unleashes an unseen, unexpected war.

For the skies will fall-a world in the sky or part of it in the sky-will be destroyed

Again, what do you think her prophecy points towards?
Spoiler!!!! Do not Read unless you REALLY want to know I'm not forcing you!!!

The Mirror Will Break: In ZF, there is a lake called Mirror lake which she drains to get her deck of shadows

The horn will call: Okay I forgot this one ... something to do with avalon, the pendragon, and a horn

From the shadows I stirke: Deck of Shadows

The Sky will fall: She makes Xibilba (a huge metor) fall on Azteca.

Aug 28, 2011
The mirror will break.. (Mirror lake rumbling noise at the end in Zafaria)

The horn will call (Something Avalonian, forgot)

The skies will fall! (Morganthe summoning meteor in Azteca)

Feb 25, 2013
The Mirror Will Break- something to do with Mirror Lake in Zafaria
The Horn Will Call- the horn crown thingy in Avalon
From The Shadows I Strike- ?
And The Sky Will Fall- Azteca

The prophecy is almost complete... We have to stop Morganathe!

See ya in the Spiral!

Destiny Windgem
"Crusher Crusher"

Apr 21, 2012
Venezuelan Fencer on Dec 11, 2010 wrote:
The mirror will break.. (The next world has a shield called the mirror that protects from the Shadow Web. Morganthe sends undercover Shadow Weavers and the break the shield. Bye bye shield and the invade. During the invasion Morganthe steals a map that shows her the location of the Horn)

The horn will call... (Morganthe follows the map to a new world. She finds the Horn. She later goes on to a new world and sounds the horn there. The horn summons a giant beast. She uses the horn to command the beast to attack your wizard. Your wizard slays it. But you have unknowingly given morganthe what she want. The beasts heart, the cold heart of hate! With this heart she will dominate the spiral.

I strike from the shadows. ( She tricks Featherville (my new world idea). to start a war with Sycthia (a world idea is saw. Very good btw). Between the war, she betrays Featherville and blows up the cold heart of hate in the center of Featherville.

The skies will fall ( Becuase Featherville is high above all the other worlds in the spiral. it comes crashing down on Wiz City. Without Bartelby all the words fall apart. She then uses her powerful magic to repair the a new spiral wich she rules.)

I think i just gave KI a new storyline
Actually, the skies will fall is the doom of Azteca, where a comet. (that comes from the sky.) Falls to Azteca and 'destroys' it. (I put quotes because you could still go to Azteca despite the fact it is destroyed.)