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Misconcept with Ice Monsters?

Jan 21, 2011
I'm really not the first one to complain, but I think some stuff with the Ice Monsters in Celestia has gone to far.

I had a hard time with the Crustecon Waverunners, many unsuccessful trys later I was able to beat them and do my quest. Now I'm facing Piscean Soldiers, and again, Ice and I just can't beat them alone with my storm wizard.

Ice Monster seem to get more hitpoints, just like the Ice wizard. That would be ok if they wouldn't hit like Storm Wizards most of the time, using the Ice Kraken for over 500 damage with 4 pips rather often.

It might just be my bad luck, but they seem to use a DoT Spell whenever I have a shield up, maybe it's a rather mean AI thats causing this.

I think if monsters get more hitpoints for beeing Ice, they should get the lower damage spells Ice Wizards use in the process.

Celestia is hard enough like it is already, there shouldn't be such unbalanced monsters.

Aug 01, 2009
I very glad that i'm not the only person with this problem, i think that storm and ice maybe just don't mix will. i had no problem with my life and death guy but i had trouble with my myth and storm guy. Don't get upset, CL is like GH, it get harder and harder so you should maybe keep trying or call help form a friend
hope this helped

Jan 21, 2011
Though Celestia is hard, and one could ask why it can't be a little bit less difficult, that's not the main point.

I don't think you should need help for those roaming mobs, maybe the one or other boss is a little bit to hard for one alone. I had help at Malistaire and Big Ben on my way to Celestia myself, and there are dungeons like kensington park which can be used by those who want a challenge. The main story line should be possible to solo most of the time.

I saw Dead Wizards who couldn't do mentioned monsters on their own, and since they where Grandmasters, the level should be ok. They have more Life and have Life Steal, they should be fine right? I met one at the Crustecon Waverunners, he said he had been trying them for some time now, I helped out and he could continue his main quest. So I guess it's not a storm only problem.

I had a similar problem with the Jungletooth in the floating land, but thats just because I'm missing a suitable shield against there damage type. I could do everything else around that area alone, so I don't think I'm a total failure. A shield could have turned the tide of battle here, it just doesn't help you enough with those ice creatures.