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Jun 04, 2009
Ok so i have no idea how to get to lunarium, i completed stormriven and stormriven hall, the quest helper says to go into portico, which is a dungeon, and i keep dying in that dungeon, is there like a portal i'm missing here? lvl 57 needs to get to 60! Help this is agrivating. :-( :-( :x :x Or do i have to complete portico, guess which school i am (conjuration) and if any people say celestia is easy for myth cause its a storm world, U R SO WRONG, myth is the hardest school to do the game with, low damage, all i get is minion stuff from trainers, they arent even good minions, and i hated doing mooshu cause all the bosses were myth, Help please.

Aug 01, 2009
the portico IS the lunarium or how ever you spell it. and not to be rude but have you ever heard of converts