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Low level players in Celicia

May 31, 2009
Dont know where things changed, Celicia was suppose to be for upper level players. Now i am seeing those with 900 in health trying to play there?
This is insane, and Ignorant on the players part. To come to a high hitting level with low health and expect to be able to play. The Game is to blame for allowing it.
So in future, if a low level player joins my fight he can have it all, i will leave. I will not go thru the hardship a low level player creates.
And if you are one of those Low level players that loves to come to Celicia, I know you wont ask if you can join a fight, but if you do and I see you are Low level, I leave the same.
You will be dead in one or two hits and then who will kill the opponent you drew? The Game needs to correct this. Give everyone a certain level of health when they come to Celicia so they have a fighting chance with others, OR Just stop them from entering Celicia all together. This afternoon I left 6 fights in one hour because of weak low level players, is this the Future? Game it is up to you in your Ball Park.........

Jan 02, 2009
i agree is is ridiculus on how many low level players are in celestia. It is ment for level 50 wizards that have already beaten the game. It just isnt right :(