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Lost the story line quests! Need help KI

Jun 25, 2008
Apparently my friend hit decline or skipped someone down the line. He does not have any story line quests from Celestia anymore. He has not been on in a few months so he doesn't know where he left off. We have been at this for hours so you can imagine how many places we went to and who we tried talking to. We even resorted to the Wizard101central guides and Wizard101 wiki. We are really close though to finding the answer. All we know so far is:

He has the moon relic installed, the star relic, but not the sun relic in the Astrolobe

He cannot talk to Dafoe

He cannot talk to Plunkett

He cannot access Queen Calypso's cavern and can't get her quest

After the moon relic is installed, he is supposed to get the Scientifc Method quest, but he cannot talk to Benchley

He cannot talk to Engineer Montgomery

You can only install the moon relic after you finish all of storm riven, and after that is Crab Empire, but he cannot talk to anyone in there

Overall, he is somewhere (possibly) in the Crab Empire, but definitely after the quest that installs the moon relic, but before the quest to get to Queen Calypso

The key thing here is that he installed the moon relic, and is therefore done with stormriven, but cannot access Queen Calypso's cavern, thus indicating he is not done with the crab empire. Also, he cannot access the chancel, but can get into the portico

Trust me, we have went to every single NPC in stormriven, the science center, the base camp, and the crab empire. WE NEED HELP!

Mar 12, 2010
The fansite has a list of quests for each world. Check this out for quests in Celestia:


Hope this helps.