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Light of the Spiral & Tome of the Sun

May 20, 2009
How do I retrieve these items from their respective locations?

Mar 12, 2010
Xander21 on Jan 20, 2014 wrote:
How do I retrieve these items from their respective locations?
These items are for the Side Quest, Book Learnin'.

In your Quest Log File, you can click on the Information Bubble in the corner of that quest box. The Information Bubble is a Question Mark.

You can see the dialogue from that quest, and it will show you what you have done so far, and what you still need to do.

This link shows you that dialogue:


Thurston Plunkett said "check the Solarium and the Barbican, if you can gain entry."

Since this is a Side Quest, it is possible that you do not have access to those areas yet. This happens a lot in the game. We get a Side Quest (like the ones from our teachers) to go to an area that we have not opened yet.

If that is the case, just continue to follow the Main Quests in the storyline, and they will eventually lead you to the Solarium and the Barbican.

In case you need more information, this link shows all of the quests in Celestia (Main, Side, Crafting, etc.):


On that link, you can click on any quest for more details (like "who gives the quest", "prequests", etc.).

Hope this helped.