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Level When You Gain Access to Celestia

Oct 27, 2013
I see a lot of posts with people saying they have gained access to Celestia but don't know if they are to low of a level to get through it. I just gained access and just got to level 60. I spent a lot of time in Wintertusk am on the final dungeon and have also completed all the side quests in Dragonspyre. My question is what level were you when you gained access to Celestia, and what level of difficulty would you rate the world based on the level you were at?
-Elizabeth Goldstrider
Level 60 Balance

Oct 09, 2011
My fire was level 58 when he got to Celestia, it wasn't very hard at that level. On the other hand, my death got to Celestia when he was 49. That was a struggle. I remember being defeated by a Storm mob :P

Oct 04, 2009
The minimum level you have to be to gain access to Celestia is 44. It used to be 48. I got to Celestia at level 50 and at crustacean empire and never really struggled much.

Aug 04, 2014
I got to celestia at level 50 and it was really difficult because I had barely done any of Wintertusk. It is much easier to defeat the bosses if you have someone help you.