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Level 58 gear suddenly in bazaar

Sep 30, 2010
While checking my backpack, I saw that my level 58 clothes (the ones not in my school) were missing their infamous no trade and no auction signs. Sure enough, upon checking the bazaar, I found an array of previously unauctionable items. I quickly purchased my needed gear, and got to wondering. Did KI mean to do this? It's quite odd that the current most powerful gear is now buyable at the bazaar. I'm *NOT* saying I don't like this update, but it just seems kind of weird. KI please tell if you meant to do this, and if you plan to change it. PS: earlier that day I was planning to write about how trial of the spheres needs boss chests. I thought 58 gear needed a change, but not one this drastic.
P.P.S: sorry about saying i didn't like this update. I wrote this from my phone, so that was just a typo.

Yes, this was covered in the update notes. Please see here for more info:


No Trade Items
No Trade and No Auction stats have been removed from many Celestia items.

If you want the prize, you have to build the ladder rung by rung. There are no shortcuts.
Dec 10, 2009
I think that was a huge mistake. The complaints were about the No Trading part of the "No Trade, No Auction" items.

In the past, when the world's best equipment originally came out as "No Trade, No Auction," we had these very same complaints about not being able to trade these items to our other wizards (something you continuously fail to remember). Eventually, you would remove just the "No Trade" attribute and leave the "No Auction" on.

I don't doubt that the majority of players here feel that the best equipment should be earned, not available for purchase.

Feb 16, 2010
Yes, KI, thank you so much for removing the No Trade on Level 58 items. But really, I think you should have left the No Auction part of it. It provides a great sense of accomplishment to know you earned your top level gear, regardless with which of your wizards you got it with. We could still sell duplicate items as needed in the robe shop, but someone else couldn't just buy them. Top level gear should be earned either through battle or through crafting. I still have grand master wizards that haven't won their Malistaire robes yet. But I'd rather earn it than buy it.

May 02, 2010
Yeah got to say the no trade was the problem not the no auction. Really now any young wizard with enough gold can get gear that takes a good deal of hard farming to get for poultry gold. To Reiterate put the no auction clause back leave no trade off.

May 15, 2009
i agree
i was ecstatic when i got the best 58 gear available for storm with the new world
but now i am disappointed because its now buyable
because now i cant feel like i really accomplished anything =(

Mar 18, 2010
I really don't understand all the fuss. If you like farming for gear you still can. Goodness gracious I still don't have complete DS for some of my Wizards. Not for lack of trying either. I don't think having the best gear should depend on luck.

I like the change. I don't have hours and hours to farm nor do lots of my friends. Not to mention in CL going solo is not an option for me and for many others. I don't use henchmen so I am stuck. Unless I can get together a group of friends to go farm. This gives me another option, I can purchase better gear.

I also understand this is a common practice on other games.


May 30, 2009
*sigh* I guess the hours of farming I spent to get my level 58 gear was a bit of a waste... Dang. :x

Sep 30, 2010
dream2dust wrote:
*sigh* I guess the hours of farming I spent to get my level 58 gear was a bit of a waste... Dang. :x

Yeah that was my problem--I spent hours farming, never got anything, and it seems like I totally wasted my time

Jun 13, 2009

Hi KI,

Yes, the issue is just about the "No Trade", and "Not" about the "No Auction". You should have just remove the "No Trade" so we can trade an item to our Wizards, but you should just leave the "No Auction", for the the best gears should be earned by some effort and not by gold.

When I need a good/best item for my Wizard, I put effort and time on it, but not to waste my time on trying to get it for the whole day, for I have other aspects in life to do as well. I only spend like half an hour I would say to do it, and If I won't get it, I'll try doing it again later or the next day, and believe me, once I get, it really feels good. Every time I get a best gear, I always rejoice and celebrate. "On the situation right now, It feels like I'm courting a lady, and instead of spending some time and effort to have her love, she then unexpectedly told me, 'You know what, instead of you wasting some time and effort on courting me, how about just give me some money and I'll be then your girlfriend.' With her response, will I be happy and celebrate?"

Earning the best gears through battle is one of the things that makes a Quest fun and enjoyable. Now, I'm like those other adult Wizards who doesn't really have enough time to play Wizard101, and as I've said, I have other important things to do in life, so what KI should do is this:

- Put back the "No Auction" on those important items

- Let a Boss drop a specific item and only this specific item (can be traded / no auction), so for ex. A boss always drop Level 58 Hat and he should always drop a level 58 Hat every time he is defeated, and the Wizard can fight this boss again until he/she gets his/her Level 58 School Hat that he/she needed, and this boss can be in an Instance or in an open field where all 4 Wizards can fight him right away at the same time - just like in Stormriven where 4 Wizards in many top level realms are gathered together playing in Harmony to defeat the boss and get the drop. I like this idea so I can always team up with other 3 powerful Wizards (not those low levels Wizards who port from Wizard city) and beat the boss. And again, let a particular Boss drops an item that he's only supposed to drop, so if a Boss is going to drop a Level 58 Robe, let him always drop this Level 58 Robe every time he is defeated, and Wizards can play him again until the Wizards get the Level 58 School Robe that they needed. This way, it's much faster to get the item and all Wizards I believe will enjoy it.

- This is just my opinion and I think it's better than getting those important gears without a fight! And also, it's more fun to get those important gears with a company of 3 other Powerful Wizards - playing in harmony and showing off our level 48 and 58 Attacks, and defeating a Boss and getting the specific drop.


Apr 18, 2010
Take advantage of the situation. buy your stuff while you can. i am really happy KI took off No Trade No Auction. gave me a chance to get my robe :)

Aug 23, 2009
I for one am glad that no trade and no auction have been taken off, allows for better distribution of gear and better sell rates for the huge amount of gear that I had when finishing CL. The sense of Ego Accomplishment aside with a few more worlds to go to finish new Storyline gear is only going to get better and should be sell-able at bazaar for better price than just a tenth or less than what it is "worth" according to bazaar at a vendor.

Aug 21, 2009
Now you don't have to farm for anything and everyone has the best gear without doing much work for it. I had hoped the inclusion of level 58 gear in the bazaar meant that level 60 gear with same school protections were out.

Jan 23, 2009
Normally I would agree with you, this time I would say that one has to become a 58 level to buy the gear and its not that great. It helps defend and defeat in Celestia but its overkill everwhere else and not as good as my pvp gear. So since I dont have endless hours to play its a relief to have them and getting to this level means I have earned them.

my two cents.

Jan 01, 2010
Adding my two cents: I agree the best gear should be earned by the player. I was totally annoyed about the No Trade but totally okay with the No Auction. Once the player earns an item, they should be able to trade it to their other wizards. But they really should have to work for it to some extent!

Of course I didn't ask, are DS robes now purchasable? Can I go buy my Mailistaire Death robes now??? It's the only one I don't have!