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Level 58 Gear - No Trade, No Auction

Jun 09, 2009
No trade/no auction is one of those things that allows for bragging rights.

Oct 15, 2009
CoopKoda wrote:
So wondering how many others are put off by the No Trade, No Auction on the Level 58 Gear.

I'm not amused by this. I have been farming for my Storm gear for quite some time now. I went Legendary with this wizard the day after Celestia went live. Ever since, I've been trying to get my gear. I've fought Calypso and Astraeus probably about 50 times, never to get anything dropped of value from him.

Yet, my Legendary Life went in and battled Astraeus once and got the Storm robe. This is maddening. I can understand No Auction as these items shouldn't be available to just purchase at the Bazaar, but we should be able to trade them between our wizards.

There has to be a limit set for how many times you have to go in and farm a boss for gear before it drops, or is this just another way that KI feels it will keep us in game longer paying subscriptions and/or crowns.

One other thing. KI, you got smart with Calypso and put in a lever to make her re-spawn, this makes it so much easier to farm a boss that drops 58 gear. Aestraeus and Ptelemos does not have this, so you have to leave, come back in and do the 3 puzzles each time. Can't you put in a lever to make then re-spawn too?

Please change the way things drop for the wizards that are actually in the battle.

Frustration is another way for you to start losing subscribers!

I totaly agree with what he says, I don't even farm, cause I know the odds of getting it isn't fair. :(

May 07, 2010
well i think you should actually try a enemy in your own school like i did. i kept on battling storm people in cl and i kept on getting the lvl fifth ty eight gear. :lol

level forty eight storm mostly in cl or ms but i sum times train my pet hope i helped you :D :D :D

Jan 26, 2010
Many points in this thread have been made clear, and I am going to run through a scenario, of what the average player might go through to obtain the level 58 gear.

A legendary balance wizard decides to do the trial of the spheres for his/her legendary gear. Upon starting it seems fun with your friends, and perhaps some new friends. After the 50th time around it gets really boring, and you start to do the dungeon half paying attention (you know what I mean) and you end up dying a few times. But you stick with it because you know how much your new armor will own in pvp. After about 200 times doing the dungeon you get your gear. So now, you have around 400 000 coins from all the other junk you collected! You can buy a mount or two, a school house, and some crown gear with coins. Right now, both you AND KI are at a loss. You spent hours beyond hours to get your gear and you don't have to waste crowns on that mount you really wanted!

I however, have a simple solution. In stormriven, there are a bunch of "pylons" that summon bosses found in the grotto and other places. KI should make such an area for the bosses in the trial of the spheres, and possibly even turn it into another quest! This is a good way to farm because a lot of people would be fighting, so you would never be alone. It would also, be a pretty good idea to make 3 different places to summon these because of overcrowding issues it may cause.

But just an idea nonetheless. Tell me what you think about it!

-Legendary storm, life and balance.

Aug 11, 2009
Why? Why do you not go into the bazzar and look for the exact COPY? Is it just the pleasure to earn it? Or is it a mad ansity? You have finished the game and now you want a perfect outfit? Try to compleate every chariter you have. How about that as a goal?

Autumn Emeraldleaf Lvl 33 Storm

Jun 23, 2010
Since this was originally posted the "No auction/ No Trade" label has been removed from the level 58 gear. It can be PURCHASED in the bazaar or farmed for by a wizard.

Megan-formerly Firefan02

Oct 21, 2010
Michael Deathfriend lvl 52 death wizard

You just got lucky. Hey can anyone help me fight a dungeon boss its just one crab? Please be a fire wizard.

Oct 08, 2010
Mordikay wrote:
I've been farming the end bosses for quite a while in a duo i always run with my GF daily for quite some time now too. GF has been ok lucky and is only missing robe to have the best gear avalible on her storm where i'm missing the hat.

It feel like it has taken longer then it has because i have probably killed them over 100 times each by now. I've perfected decks designed for these 3 bosses and can probably run them in my sleep now so it only takes me about 25 min to do all 3 bosses in the duo.

But still the no trade is annoying as we've many time over collected full sets for our other wizards that we are bringing to 60 too.

It's too much farming for little reward.

Either make it so you can put the gear in shared bank to use on your other wizards or so the "set" items can only drop within your own school so i don't keep getting life robe 10x in a row when farming on my balance.

I agree fully. If you would get only no trade no auction items within your school taht would be wayyyyyyyyyy better. When you get something outside your school like that then what's the point? If you can't use it AND you can't trade it then whats the use? All you would be able to do is sell it to Zeke or someone for small gold. :(