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level 58 fire spell

Jul 09, 2009
hobi wrote:
i gave up trying for the efreet from what i hear it is a most uneffectibve spell so i figured i would not waste my time trying to get it.

the boosted helephant is more effective then the efreet from what i have heard ingame

Who ever said that is insane or just says that to make them self feel better because they cant get efreet. Efreet with gargantuan does 1120 and helephant with garagauntan does 980 efreet leaves a 90- weakness helepahnt does not. Efreet clearly the better move to be honest keep trying to get efreet its one of the best moves in the entire game and will save your life many times. For example your doing something like phoenix pet quest. Iceclaw has enoguh pips for firezilla and you have a convert and efreet ready with only 1200 life left. You know if he hits you your done for you use efreet does a ton of damge with convert and leave s a weakness making firezilla do like 56 damage. Efreet is an awesome move. I do think the boss should be weakend a little though because out of all the other ones he has the most health and has those mutate spells for kraken and stormzilla making them crazy strong ice spells when they criitcal you lose like half your health too, but keep trying you will win if at first you dont win try try again.

Aaron Drakewalker Level 60