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Less hard for weaker schools

Jun 04, 2009
You know how long and hard it is to level up in celestia, especially if your myth or ice? its just so frustrating that now all your friends are level 60 and your like 54, so celestia should be easier to do because i am stuck doing portico and lunarium, which really sucks cause i keep dying, and no one wants to help me because it was really hard for them to. KINGSISLE should make this better for us strugglers, i am level 57 myth wizard now but it took me months to level up only 3 times!Celestia has become a burden because it takes so much effort to defeat monsters, do dungeons, and collect things, so i just sit in the commons or do my other wizards, its pretty frustrating and boring now,curse those fish.myth needs more health or damage cause i know firsthand, WERE STRUGGLING! Ice might need help cause i've only seen a few legendarys, Life, not many. MYTH, naaadaaaaahelp us guys we really need it! :? :-( :x .

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Interesting, I actually thought the opposite...once you are past the first three areas, things seem to speed up and you jump from level 53 (I usually enter CL at level 52 having done all the side quests) to level 60 in a few weeks (my first 4 to level 60 took a month from mid-40s).... over 4 different schools.

I find small, efficent decks with healing allows for quicker kills.

Feb 17, 2009
I'm sorry that no one can help you. Those dungeons weren't even that hard. I would help if I actually knew you in the game. And coming from an ice, it wasn't hard for me to level up.

Thomas Swiftthistle, Legendary Ice.

Feb 05, 2009

I quit Celestia and I am back at Grizzleheim, because A: Nobody helps me.
B: Storms don't have a lot of health. C: All of you saying buy smaller decks or use smaller decks not all the schools can do that! Lifes need big-ish decks for they're heals and fighting spells!

Sarah Moonglade 56 Storm

Oct 26, 2010
Well... I saw half of celestia and My friend Dakota. Hes a level 45 and He's in dragonspyre because he did't follow the main quest And I'm a level 40 sadly. Me and him agreed it will be very hard for us in celestia soonier or latier. But we make good partners We fight sometimes but he's still my best friend. And storm well....... Me and him are both storm anyway the only problem about storm is how much i fizzle. Well you could't ask for a better friend or a better school.