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It's the AMAZING Amphibitron!!!!!!

Jun 10, 2009
The Celestian boss Amphibitron is fun, but he is REALLY hard to defeat!!!! HE is an Ice boss, I am Legend Fire, and I find it hard to go two rounds without losing to him. Does anyone know how to defeat him without need of help and without using crowns?
William Crowthistle Legendary Pyromancer

May 22, 2009
Spam the ice shields.

When I first started Celestia I didn't have an Ice Shield. Went through the entire game not needing any protection against Ice. It only took one time of battling ice in Celestia before I was running to fairgrounds in WC to train in Snow Shield. I also started buying treasure card shields and putting them in side board. Now when I fight in Celestia, I pause for a moment to change the types of shields in my deck before charging an enemy. This has helped me fight Ice and many other enemies a lot better.

Hannah Lifebringer level 60 Life

May 02, 2009
Ice resistance and the shields that shield ice (glacial, thermic, snow and tower) will be your best friends.
I always keep max towers in my deck (5), and 1 or 2 glacial shields.
That coupled with decent ice resistance (I have 50% ice and storm resistance from armor, heartsteel and pet) will help you get through the ice enemies (along with strategic healing and attacking of course).