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Is Life A Good School For Celestia?

Dec 07, 2012
Hi Everyone!,
I'm A Life Wiz who has been having a hard time in Celestia. Is Life a good a school for Celestia. I've learned Forest Lord which has made fighting more easy , but it is still hard. A question? Is Life a good school for Celestia? [ I Dont Need Help ] If you could can you tell me a good school for Celestia? And why it is a good school?

Thank you very much if you can .

With Hearts And Life!
Fiona FairySong - Level 58

Jun 15, 2013
I think life is a good school for Celestia. You can last a good long time in a fight and with extra shielding, you you would be hard to kill. There are a lot of Balance school enemies and that school takes extra damage from Life, Death and Myth schools. There are also a considerable amount of Death school enemies, so I would imagine you'd fair well in a fight against them. You could try training the Sun school to strengthen your attacks.

Jun 13, 2010
It is very easy if you are at a high enough level for gear. I soloed most of it at the end here's what you do: you need good gear like waterworks or crafted from wintertusk that give large attack boost. Then train sun school spells, train the star school aura spell for attack. Every battle all you do is life blade, spirit blade, aura, and then an enchanted forest lord (with sun school spell) works every time

Dec 07, 2012
Really I do think Life is a good school, but thing is my battles take very long. And it takes even more longer on boss fights. I can survive really long but then the battle is very long... Is there any way for me to make this fighting process take up Less time? [ Btw I can't go into waterworks yet... ] Is there any way? And can you plz tell me how or why?

From Fiona FairySong
Lvl 59
Your Life Wiz

May 09, 2010
Every school has it's strengths and benefits, it's important to choose a school that compliments your playstyle, but I would say yes, Life is good.

Blaze Stormmancer