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Invisible Barrier in the survey Camp?

Apr 17, 2011
Hey I have a glitch here:

I was working on the quest Survivors!, and I couldn't run past a point right in mid-air. It was next to that Makenzie guy, like maybe 20 meters away. I wasn't stuck, but I couldn't pass. Now some people might say just take the long way, but I like solving stuff :) Anyone have a solution?

For my first post on these forums....

Thank you yes, we posted this on our social media sites to let players know.

If you find yourself getting a little stuck along the wall in the Celestia Survey Camp, dismount and hug the wall and you'll get through.

Jun 03, 2012
I also read that you have to go backwards, so that's the only way I got through, whats up with that? Did I just miss something...so I guess if you continue to have trouble like I did, hug the wall and walk or move backwards. Once you get a little ways past the invisible barrier you can turn around and walk or move normally.

Sarai Thundergrove, Grandmaster Pyromancer