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I need congo drums, Eather, and Sunstones

Sep 18, 2011
I am working on my crafting spell, and I need Eather and Sunstones, along with congo drums, I really need help finding these things. Does anyone know where to find this stuff?

Feb 07, 2011
krismayne wrote:
I am working on my crafting spell, and I need Eather and Sunstones, along with congo drums, I really need help finding these things. Does anyone know where to find this stuff?

Hi, Kris!

First of all, this is the wrong board~ questions about Zafaria belong on that board (or, since this is about the Zaf crafting quest, in the Crafting & Gardening forum). But, since this quest took me 6 months to complete, I'll try and save you some time...

(other wizards may be able to add to this list)

Aether and Sunstone are near impossible to find, and it's highly unlikely that you'll just happen upon them. But you can get them in other ways...

-when you collect kelp in Celestia or Crab Alley, or sandstone (which is still quite rare) in Zafaria, you may be lucky enough to find one of these.

-the little guys in Crab Alley (who look like the minions in Despicable Me) drop Aether.

-transmutations: both transmute recipes can be purchased from Avery Templeton in the Celestia Base Camp. Then, start collecting kelp (15 kelp= 1 aether) or Stone Block/Sandstone (15 stone block= 1 sandstone, and 15 sandstone= 1 sunstone)

-if you're REALLY lucky, the silver chests give Aether as a reward (only happened to me once, so don't count on it).

- if all else fails, just snipe in the bazaar at strange hours (your timezone will determine whether or not this is possible). Someone will eventually sell some.

Conga Drums:

You may be lucky enough to snipe one of these from the Bazaar as well. But, since there's such a high demand for them, it's unlikely~ purchase the recipe from Gearwise in the CL Base Camp, then craft the 2 conga drums at the housing crafting station.

This quest is horrible, and I feel your pain. Hope I could kelp... I mean, help, you out!

El Veeb/Shadowsong
archmage sorceress, legendary artisan, & despiser of crafting insanity.

Oct 22, 2011
If you do any gardening, some of the reagents you need can be dropped when you harvest your plants. You can look on wizard101central.com's wiki section to find out what plants are good for what you need.

Some good plants are: Burning Snap Dragon, Deadly Elephant Ears, Evil Magma Peas, Fickle Pickle, King Parsley, and Maelstrom Snap Dragon.

Aether and fossil are the hardest, in my opinion. You can get transmute spells from the vendor (I forgot his name) in the Crustacean Empire. When you go in, go through the tunnel on the right. He'll be in a cage on the right side of the mobs. You can get transmute Aether, Sunstone, Fossil, and many others there.

And, while you're there, collect as many Kelp as you can, as these can be used to transmute Aether.

If you have other wizards on your account, have them collect anything and everything they come across. You can have them transport to their dorm/home and put the reagents in the "Shared Bank", that way the wizard that's doing the crafting will be able to load the reagents into their backpack to use.

Getting the Legendary Crafting is a very difficult task. Luckily, you don't HAVE to go through this with each of your other wizards (if you have more), as the one with Legendary Crafting can craft any gear for any school. All you have to do is put the gear you crafted into the "Shared Bank" and your other wizard can pick it up .... :)

Don't forget .... you need FOUR Conga Drums to help make TWO Spirit Drums. You will need a LOT of Aether and Fossil to make these.

Collect as many Stone Blocks, Kelp, Red Mandrake, Mist Wood, Deep Mushroom, and Sandstone as possible. These can all be transmuted to the reagents you need.

Good Luck! (I feel your pain)

Feb 24, 2009
Stone Town. I have over 400 stone blocks, almost 100 sunstone, and nearly 200 sandstone already