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I find Ra to be the easiest spell to get

Apr 04, 2010
I do not know it is me or something else. But a lot of people have been complaining that Helios is too hard to defeat to get there Ra spell. For those who are facing this problem I have the perfect solution for you guys. I tested doing this with henchmen and without henchmen. Apparently, the henchmen barely did anything besides getting attacked and using wand spells. I found that if you cast a charm or ward, they just put a hex out. No biggy. Here is what I did. The minion is the first to kill. You kill the minion and Helios is basically cornered. I would suggest wearing the gear that gives you 130 Balance Critical and 55% damage. Use spectral blast and you will kill him in 5 rounds. Keep a lot of shields, towers, and weaknesses along with heal. You do that and Helios is a piece of cake.

Aug 03, 2009
Lol, i never tried Spec Blast, because with my luck, it would do Fire every time (I completely forgot about buying Fire Prisms at the Bazaar). IJudged all the way, even though the battle took 3 tries to win. To me, Osseus Nightreaver was the easiest. I helped my brother fight him, and basically the strategy was equip the lv 58 "Dragonspyre" Celestia gear-- the gear that gives health, pip chance, attack, and defense, not Crit-- and Malistaire's robe. That gives the player 60% NATURAL Death Defense- that is, a 60% resist without shields. From there, you just put a Death shield down every now and then. My brother never dropped below 2,000 health (out of ~3,000) throughout the battle and won on the first try.

Dec 21, 2009
No, he's not impossible. I did him on the first try with no henchmen. But you do have to admit, he is pretty hard, and not everyone has very much gumption.