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I am i too weak?

Jul 13, 2012
Ok i am in celestia and i dont know how get through it in my myth and death. in my death i know life healing spells but i still having trouble with it and i have scarecrow still not able get through this boss i am also at level 48 so maybe thats the problem i dont know i am not sure if i can do it solo since everyone says it so hard... i dont have any friends who could help me so also i dont know how make a battle strategy is that a problem to I dont know what to do

level 48

level 51

Jun 02, 2013

As much as so many of us can feel your frustration, I have to suggest that you should continue leveling in another zone until you are able to acquire some Critical Hit/Block gear for questing in Celestia. This may not seem important to you, but as you progress through the zone, it will prevent you from running back and forth after you get critically hit by a Boss, or a monster.

I'm sure you know this, but make sure you're applying all your damage boosting Blades/Traps when applicable for highest possible damage.

Along with those new statistics, you will surely upgrade many other aspects of your wizard, like health, damage, resist, accuracy etc. Hopefully you have a viable pet that gives you subtle, or not so subtle boosts to those stats as well.

Best of luck to you in however you decide to handle your situation.