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I am having trouble in Celestia!

Aug 19, 2010
Before I get replies saying that It's supposed to be a hard world, I know that already. I played through Celestia solo on my ice wizard named Hunter Legendsmith. I started a fire wizard a week ago, and completed Dragonspyre today. So I went to Ambrose for the spiral key to Celestia. After that I did the quests, and kept going on and on and on until I got the quest to fight the first Celestia boss! I thought the boss was gonna be fun. Turns out its the opposite. I was full pip judged. No resistance. One hit kill, didn't even land a hit.

What I am trying to say is I need someone to help me with Celestia! I am only level 50 and I have to wait ten more levels until I can get waterworks gear to help. Can someone please post a suggestion of any level 50 fire wizard gear for Celestia? Please?

Nov 14, 2009
Maybe, Play Both? Then, have your ice wizard stun them repeatively, and you can wait until you get the dragon? Just an idea.