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How to beat Astraeus?

Feb 07, 2011
I'm a Balance wiz with astral spells... "Star" is also Balance with astral spells. So, not only does he resist every, single spell in my deck, but his constant spamming of the -50% shields (never mind that awful tower thing) also makes my hydra, spec, and any secondary/tertiary school spells completely and utterly useless.

I've been fighting him now for over 3 hours, with no success. The minions aren't a problem- my AOEs take them all out instantly... But Astraeus resists all of them, meaning that it will take me more than a few rounds to kill him, even with my best spells, by which point all of the minions are back anyway.

So, my questions are:

1. Kill the minions first, or take him out?

2. What is this "constellation" thing that he references? I don't see any, so I'm not sure what he's using for this cheat.

3. What would be some good spells to have in my deck? I know I can't trap him, but since he is the same school as me and spams those shields, I don't exactly have a ton of options... I could just heal and spam smokescreen (or unbalance), but that would be really boring and cost a ton of pips for a whole lot of nothing.

4. Are groups optional or required? I don't have any friends in my time zone, so it's hard to get anything going when I'm online... I'd really rather solo it but, since this game seems to "encourage" group play by forcing it on us (*cough* helephant tower), I should probably start looking for one. Is there a board for that sort of thing?


Level 63 Awesome Sauce-erer.

Dec 19, 2009
I haven't gotten that far yet but i'd say it would be best if you could keep the minions from attacking you without defeating them that would be good.
Balance Wiz advice: spells like dispels and weakness style spells
Better advice: Go find some Death Wizards from an area after MooShu and tell them they have a good chance for awesome loot if they help defeat a tough boss. Seriously, heres why
Beguile= Probably works on minons
Death works good on balance
They would all have poison
and sacrafice

May 31, 2011
There is a strategy to beating him. When he says the constellation thing, he will summon three minions, and every time you attack Astraeus, he will put a 90 percent shield on himself, beating the minions make him stop shielding for three rounds before summoning his minions again. It is recommended that you need four people. Hope this helps!

Steven ShadowBlood, Level 53 Grandmaster Balance

Feb 07, 2011