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How much crit rating?

Jul 13, 2013
Hello. I am thinking I will get to Celestia soon, although not sure.
I buy gear early.
Will I really need crit rating for Celestia? I have gear for level 56 and it only gives me 15 crit and that will be all I have. My level 56 gear that I will unlock soon makes me have 52% balance damage and pretty good block rating but I was wondering if I should try to get more crit rating.
Also should I get all the gear from Atlantea or can I farm better gear.
So how much critical did you have when starting CL?
Myrna Dragoncloud

Nov 16, 2012
Hey Dragoncloud,
You really don't need crit rating for Celestia but it definitely will help. When I went through Celestia I had a normal crit chance of about 20% (which equal about 95 when your gear says it) and it helped in all the fights but you definitely helps. If I were you I would try to keep your gear damage boost and get crit chance because if you have 50% damage boost and then you crit it would be 3 times the damage. So I would definitely recommend it but it's not needed to do Celestia.
P.S. have fun in Celestia, hope you saved training points for astrala spells
The Wolf