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How many more worlds after celestia

Jul 12, 2009
Why make a new villan if there is no more worlds after celestia i hope there are 4 more worlds
please i need your creativity and witch new spells do you want i can do the spells tell me what you think about them and leave a commet for the worlds to

Myth: Herculese 500 myth damage with 1000 after that one8 pips

Death: cerberes: 500 death damage 600 death damage after it and half health back 8 pips

Life: Tryad: 1100 damage life and heal for half 8pips

Ice: Briskbreeze: 1000 damage to everyone with ice

Storm: shock Dolphins: 300 for each dolphin X pips dolphins are affected by pips power pip 600

fire: Lord nightshade: 200 damage per pip power pip 400 x pips

balance: elemental dragon: 200 of every school 8 pips

john nightblade legendary necromancer

Jan 27, 2009
1. There are 4 more worlds after cl
2. Those spells are far overpowered, they would also be 9 pips for the next world and even then they would still be overpowered.