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How Is Celestia Boring?

May 06, 2009
I'm asking out of curiosity, how is Celestia boring? One of the top things I hear about Celestia now is that it's either boring or really hard with the occasional music approval. But overall, this world is like a thumbs down with Marleybone and Azteca (Boo!).

When Celestia was being preview all those years ago, I was captivated by how this world would turn out and excited to find a new adventure after a long wait from finishing Dragonspyre (You younger players are like jack rabbits; moving so fast you just hop into things without a moments rest). I was excited to explore the new tower and see what was going to come. Apparently, Crabs, and strange Shadow Weaver beings were on the horizon (or do I mean the shore line?)

When it was finally released, I was gearing to explore this world and figure out what was going on, try those new features of Critical and Block, use the new schools and take a gander at those Level 58 spells... I found it simply breathe taking (no pun intended) and for whatever reasons, I was oblivious to the difficulty increase (and if I was, I wasn't going to let it stop me). Personally, I thought Celestia was a great way to open the second arc, see some familiar faces in a new way, and confront this new enemy, Morganthe (which to me could have introduced herself a tad bit better, but it's not a horrible way to say hello before you feed us to a shark. I've met worst).

The world may have been unintentionly built for the now rather than the future for how long it is, but hey! More content the better. It gives you something to do and something new to gain.

So how is Celestia boring? And if you could, what would you change to make it better without completely remodeling the world?

See You In the Spiral!

Jul 18, 2010
I find celestia quite fun actually ! I used to hate it, but now ...... As odd as it seems ....... I kinda ... Oh uh .... Love it? Lol!!! Floating land was my fave so far. SUCH WONDERFUL MUSIC!!! I hum it all the time lol! The critical and block make it more interesting . The astral spells are awesome too! Celestia has very awesome epic beautiful music. I love it!!!! Celestia is boring and all in the beginning, but once I got to floating land celestia seemed so fun idk why ..... Maybe because friends are always more fun then soloing! Meeting one of my best friends in game there was a milestone in my timeline of friendships . Celestia is truly a nice world with friends. Well ... I'm So I heal soooo guess thAts why I like it a lot.