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How Celestia is

Nov 09, 2008
my husband and I have been playing this game over two years. I bought clothes, shoes and hats that have different spells on them. Those are gone now. Sad to see. Now I am in Celestia. Where I have seen this world change lots. Use to some bosses you couldn't use traps, swords or shields or wands on them. Now you can. They moved them to stormriven. I am a grandmaster artisan so I don't want to hear from anyone that you have to do this or that. I have seen much to this game. I have crafted many things, like grizzlehiem house and most of the furniture that goes in there. Like the carousel, the coocoo clock, the bed, the dresser, the toy train, the best ring, athame, robe and much more. Now I have trouble finding the sandstones and sunstones. Use to get them mostly from voltic eels and wing fish now you have to kill bosses to get them or not it is a praying thing. Please Please Please put back to the way it was. I really love this game. can't wait for new worlds and things.