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Help in celestia

Jun 03, 2009
Can someone help me fight a boss in the grotto.I forgot his name but he gives you a portal piece I believe.I've already finished the first part of the quest where you defeat celestian waverunners.Please help.I need at least 2 people and 1 fire 1 life.
Michael Sprite Shard lvl50 Grandmaster Pyromancer Master Of Fire Ok I got his name now.He is governer nereus.I need 2 or 3 because the guy always summons henchman the second a second wizard appears in his dungeon but I doubt he can deal with 3 or 4 wizards.Also,if a third wizard wants to come,I want a storm.However,you have to be lvl48 or more.
Michael Sprite Shard lvl 50 and soon to be lvl 51 Grandmaster Pyromancer Master Of Fire Never mind.
Michael Sprite Shard lvl 51 Grandmaster Pyromancer Master Of Fire