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having trouble with completing celestia

Nov 09, 2013
I am in celestia and it is telling me I have no more quest. How do you get ti the next world.

Nov 09, 2013
I am stuck in Celestia. I have done some quest and when I go to find quest it tells me that I have no more quest in celstia, yet I have not move on to another world and no one has come to tell to meet with them. I have done the small quest thinking that they would send me to others and have not. What do you do. There are some things that I am looking for that are in areas that I not been in, in this realm how do you get in them. If there are no no more quests. I cannot get into the science lab to get zodiac tome I have searched for other small quest and there is none.

Young Wizard, you have more than one character currently adventuring in Celestia. Are you referring to your Life Wizard or your Fire Wizard?
When you request assistance, it's much faster for us to help you if you tell us which character you're stuck on.

Jul 13, 2011
I had that happen to me too on one of my wizards. I was going through with my husband and he had a quest I didn't, so I searched the wiki and traced it back. If you've gotten as far as Stormriven, there is a boss there that you need to talk to. He's at the end of the "hallway" in the Ossuary, sigil needed to get in. It's Karolak Nightspinner. He had an exclamation over his head when I went in, yet quest finder didn't say any quests were available.

Mar 18, 2009
I am having the same problem also, I need to talk to Vendrel Starfinder though. It says go to the ossuary but when I go there it says, I cannot go into the dungeon?