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Good Plant drops can be found

May 31, 2009
I know the fight is at times long. I know the fight is often hard and even with all this it can be fought alone with Henchmen. The fight is worth the Plant drops you get plus clothes and rings and daggers.
I am talking about the first Boss you encounter in Trial of Spheres, He is suppose to drop a pet but I have farmed for 3 weeks and no pet, Lots of clothes and plants along with daggers and rings. He is a boss worth looking at.
He reminds me of Snowcrusher in DS, His Items sell good, I have found the best combination in there is two storms, one with a storm wand.
One storm uses only the tempest spell and kills the helpers when they come., The other storm uses only the level 58 spell and blades to hit the boss when sheilds are gone. Between the two the fight does not last long.
I tried Fire and storm, but storm needs a fire wand and fire a storm wand.
When i use Henchmen, I sheild, and remove helpers, and let the Henchmen take out the boss. I seldom hit the boss when I use henchmen, my main goal iis to keep helpers away. The helpers if left to hit will damage the henchmen and yourself too much.
But looking at just the Plant drops, it is worth going after.

Jan 01, 2010
Cool, thanks for the info. I am a collector of plants in the game. What sort of plants does he drop?

Aug 13, 2010
Yeah, but I cant sell any of them. Some sell for more than 300 GOLD but I cant sell them :(