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gobbler polymorph

Dec 18, 2009
Hi everybody. I'm lvl 52 balance, and whenever I use the gobbler plymorph spl, it doesn't always increase the life to equal percentage of five thousand. Does that only happen when I'm above two thousand life in the first place? Somebody pls help me!

Apr 20, 2011
According to some reading I've done at wizard101.central.com, when you polymorph, your polymorph will assume the same PERCENTAGE health that you had when you polymorphed. For example, assume your normal max health is 3000, and you polymorphed when your actual health in the battle was 1500. Therefore, you were at 50% of your health. So, if the gobbler's max health is 5,000, then when you polymorph, its health will be 50% of 5,000, or 2,500.

I believe when you polymorph back, it works the same way. If the gobbler is at 2,000, it's at 40% health. So, when you polymorph back, you'll be at 40% of your max health. In the example above where your max health is 3,000, you'll then be at 40% of 3,000, or 1,200.

If possible, try to get as healthy as you can just before you polymorph back.

I haven't done the Gobbler polymorph yet, but I should try it. I believe I have a treasure card for it.

I haven't verified any of the above, but that's what I read yesterday.

Good luck.