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Getting Medusa

Aug 22, 2009
Hey! Quick question: What all has to be done before I get Medusa?? I want to be prepared because last time getting an orthrus took 2 months. Some Basic guidelines for what I need to know:

1: Will I need minions?

2: How many bosses?

3: Does it take a long time?

4:Are long dungeons involved?

Any tips, extras, and other info is greatly helpful. Thanks!

Scarlet Silverspear Lvl 58 Conjurer

Jul 05, 2009
Medusa isn't a long quest, but it is difficult. You will need minions, although henchman are better. There is one boss, who is Talos. He has about 10,500 health, and is balance. he has help, steam troweller, about 1,400 health. After that, you have to go to DS Academy, and Medusa shows up. You go back to Cyrus Drake, and he gives you the spell. She is worth it though.

Jan 05, 2011
haldir3011 wrote:
She is worth it though.
when did they make it that medusa could stun bosses? i just noticed it was working about a week or 2 ago. with this change in her, she is definitely worth it and definitely worthy to be a level 58 spell! you'll love her! -elijah darkthorn, legendary conjurer

Oct 22, 2009
Make sure you shield first turn. The boss tends to judge like no other and his critical rate is pretty decent. Take out the minion first and summon a minion of your own. He's tough and the battle will go on for awhile. Just be patient and dont be hasty.

Wolf Stormshade-Legendary Conjurer.

Aug 22, 2009
Thanks. I thought I couldn't get it because Talos health was so high...I'l try to get henchmen to help me. Again, thanks so much!!!! Cya in Wintertusk and throughout the Spiral! :D

Scarlet Silverspear Legendary Conjurer

Jul 10, 2009
it is very short, but it's very difficult. you battle one very hard boss. i defeated him, so i'll give you tips: do NOT use any blades, traps, etc if you do, he'll use a hex which is not good since he balance AND knows judgement. as i said, he is balance and so is his minion. well that's all the tips i have here's how i beat him: i took me a lot of tries to beat him, so i learned polymorph treant since it has so much healing spells (go life! even though i myth lol) and i managed to beat him with orthrus. hope these stuff help!