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Jul 13, 2013
I have a level 50 wizard and she is in DS, but she will be out of DS one day.
I like to prepare for the next world.
How much crit points should I have when I go to Celestia? Do I need a lot of health or healing boosts? What about power pips and shield? Oh, and critical block?
I would like to hear your suggestions if you have finished Celestia and especially if you are a balance wizard but you don't have to be.

Jun 22, 2011
In Celestia, forget crit and crit block. Critical are like stocks, risky as heck, while damage and resist are money in the bank. Would you rather multiply your damage by 1.5 on every single hit, or once ever 10 times double your damage? Out of celestia, however, get your Waterworks gear ASAP.

Jun 01, 2014
What I did for going to Celestia ,which I'm in now and just got in a few days ago, was do the crafting quests up to Zafaria and stop before that so you do the Celestia crafting quest and if you did Wintertusk you should get that gear and buy that recipe and get that gear it's the best at that level and has good critical and block and damage for your school and health ect.....So i would do that.And the Gear is Sold from Carax Strongthread and just craft that gear and you'll be fine and would dominate in Celestia.But once your level 60 or higher get your Waterworks gear it's really good and you'll be fine.Have a good day

Blake 52