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Fixing the problem with unwanted ports

Apr 04, 2010
I read over the "noobs" porting over to CL to legendary wizards and unwanted friend teleports. I am writing this so all of you will quit nagging and hopefully clarifies thing. 1. If you are trying to defeat a boss and(or) monsters and know you will be trouble, turn off your friend teleports. 2. I suggest you ask someone before teleporting. All the lower levels, high, filtered chatters, etc. should be alerted to ask before porting on the main page and Wizard101 app thing. And a "May I teleport please" should be added to menu chat. 3. If a person teleports to you when you said no and do not disturb, you have the right to report them. There! I hope this makes things much more better

Believe me, I faced this trouble myself. Do you know how many times I had to do the Final Countdown Quest? 35 times counting all because of unwanted teleports!

Jun 23, 2010
Good ideas!

The one I disagree with is reporting folks for porting to you when told not to. That is bad manners and that is not reportable. We could face sanctions for false reporting.

My take is a lot of threads you refer to take issue with lower level wizards porting into to others. Also, the lower level wizards who mark a spot and return over and over. They jump in others battles and cause problems.

I have no sympathy for people who have friends port to them at bad times. As you said we all can control people porting to us.


Jan 23, 2011
All KI has to do is make an option as you start combat to lock battle circle so no one can join unless they port, and if you want don't want ppl on yer list to port turn that off.

I say this cause it's not just low lvl non chatters that get my goat its anyone who jumps in my circle, when I want to solo.... I WANT TO SOLO!

I want the option to solo all day with no interferance. If I need help I'll
just not lock battle circle and or alow ports.

this way they can all run around see everything they want and I can play in peace.