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five Henchmen bought could not win fight

May 31, 2009
I fought a Boss in Celicia, every hit you or a henchman makes meets a tower sheild. Trying to play this boss alone, I lost two henchmen and bought 5 total and still lost the fight. Some here call this challanging, I call it discouraging, When single player mode is not good, most single players will move on to other things. They will eventually quit playing as they realize they can not win playing alone. I am one of those single players.
When i came online this morning I wanted to come to wizards and play but after the loss I took the last time online, I heard that inner voice say it is useless, so why go, and i didnt...How many more time will this inner voice keep telling me it is useless? Dont know but I figure in time I will lose interest in the game and move to something different.
I say this for the games benefit, because being unable to accomplish a goal will make some just give up totaly, I know I am not the only one thinking this. Single play even with Henchmen is no longer a benefit at times.
To those that feel it is challanging and not discouraging, I am glad you are happy with the game, me I have to move on........

Sep 19, 2010
I know that boss. :(

The best way to deal with him is to have spells such as Tempest in your treasure slots, or Polymorph into the Bandit who has it, as he only shields when his minions are present.
You'll want to get rid of them all in one shot, then take on the boss.

Henchmen don't work well in that fight, as their attacks are random at best. For this, you'll need to be prepared with the right spells at the right times.

Don't give up. You can solo most of it, and for the battles you can't just stand in the Base Camp and yell for help. There are a number of us Legendaries hanging around just waiting to lend a hand.
Boredom can do strange things to a person. We may even fight over you. :D

Dec 23, 2009
there was another boss that was extrymly hard but his name because that was a mounth ago
my friend level 60 storm coudn't defeat him so he called me for help ( level 47 death ) but it was too hare still so i called my friend ( level 29 life ) but still we coudn't defeat him so tryed again and finally we did it

Aug 08, 2010
There are several bosses in Celestia that cheat. Once you discover how they cheat, it isn't nearly as difficult to defeat them.

The first cheating boss that you will encounter in Celestia (for most people) is Cuthalla, found in the Grotto. Basically, you can't shield, blade, trap, feint, use a spell below four pips, polymorph, OR use an enhancement ring. The one exception is Ghoul, which will cause Cuthalla to give you a tower shield.

Different spells cause different reactions. So some people will blade and shield (this causes him to use an extremely powerful tower shield), but I prefer not to. Using henchmen against Cuthalla (or generally any of the cheating bosses) will just not work.

Knowing this, you should give the game another shot. You may fail a few times, but that will make your success that much more fantastic! I think you will also find that Celestia will be easier once you reach level 55/56 and can get some of the new gear that enhances critical attack and also shields. Celestia just requires a few strategy changes is all.

Jul 27, 2009
i feel the same . but more so about inconsiderate ... ... ..... players.

i think the line about jumping ion to help should be removed as to many times

it causes more problems and bad feelings as well.

many of us would rather be asked if we need help.

if we dont then please do not just jump in it adds more to eliminate

Aug 12, 2009
The Celestia bosses are more advanced than regular bosses. The game got a lot harder, and it needed to.

I'm going to post a quite guide to some of the Cheating Bosses and how to 'Solve' their cheats:

Location: The Grotto / Stormriven Pylon
Cheats: Towers / Wraiths / 5000 Heal Satyrs / Orthrus
Solutions: Do not Trap, Ward, or Blade. Do not cast spells below Rank 4. Do not cast X-Pip spells or Polymorphs
Star and Sun schools are okay

Eeglis / Thunderfin
Location: The Grotto / Stormriven Pylon
Cheats: Fire Power Nova
Solution: Cast Rank X, 0, 1, 2, or 3 Spells; Set up for 1-hit-kill with Big spell

Selwyn / Narallor Nightborn
Location: Stellarium / Stormriven Pylon
Cheats: Blades & Interrupt attacks
Solution: Do not attack twice in a row with the same School of Damage. Do not use Minotaur or Orthrus. Do not use Damage over Time. Use Prisms and wands between attacks to change up school of next / last attack.

Location: Trial of Spheres - Sanctum of the Stars
Cheats: 90% Tower Shield
Solution: Pierce / Steal shield, do not attack him while minions are still alive.

Location: Trial of Spheres - Sanctum of the Moon
Cheats: 90% Towers, Removes Traps
Solution: Cast a charm after and before each attack, do not pack traps.

Location: Trial of the Spheres - Sanctum of the Sun
Cheats: Personal Smoke Screens on Successful Casts
Solution: When Traps are on her and blades are on your side of the field, she will stop until she runs out of traps or you run out of blades.

Jan 25, 2010
I figured out a method of soloing Astraeus so that he doesn't have the perpetual tower shield on him other than the one he starts with.

Jan 27, 2009
Please spell "Celestia" correctly when it's right over where you're typing.
Also, you shouldn't rely on henchmen. I'm storm and i soloed 90% of celestia, Storm is not a soloing class btw. All you need is strategy.

Sep 21, 2010
I have beat this dungeon with henchmen several times. I always have a level 60 Life but they do not often heal me. For Astraeus I also use a 50 Myth and 50 Storm. No particular reason for Myth and Storm but they worked the first time so I continue to use them.

For the moon floor minions I only used the Life and a Myth and the battles go fairly quickly. On two occasions I use a 50 Fire instead of the Myth and things worked out fine.

For Ptolemos I would suggest a Life and two 50 Myths because of the double hit spell that they have. I also like to use the Snow Angel because it continues to hit and remove his shields.

At the final boss I go back to the original plan of Life, Myth and Storm but I believe that other combinations would work equally well. The life henchman seems to heal the other henchmen more often than me but that's okay as long as I win.

The problem with Henchmen is you cannot direct them. They do as they please and sometimes mess you up which can be frustrating but so can playing with real live people. But my method has never failed me in the long run.

The total cost of my method (17 henchmen) is 850 crowns. If you increase to three henchmen for every battle (21 total) the cost would be 1050 crowns.

By the way, I'm 60 Ice and only use my normal Ice traps and blades. I also use the Star School add pip spell in this dungeon. I have five Satyr spells in my deck but don't ever recall using them in this battle. If I am low on health at the end of a room I will mark it, port out, heal and port back to my mark.

One more suggestion: If you truly want to do this alone then turn off the "Allow Friends To Teleport" to you or someone will certainly see where you are and come in. This happened to me on my first attmept and they guy did not have text chat so I could not politely tell him what I was doing and ask him to leave. But I learned my lesson and nobody bothers me now.

Galen Stormrunner