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Drops in Celestia :I

Aug 12, 2010
Okay so this is my second wizard in celestia and it is not getting much better. Certain quests in the game tick me off such as the ones where you need to collect power-cores or the schematics and from the Pisciean guard. Not to be mean but there is no reason why i should have to battle 40-52 of something to get MAYBE 2 items if i am lucky :I i am getting frustrated and i am pretty sure other people have the same dillema i do. So please please please KingsIsle fix the drop rate because this is getting annoying and is un-called for and only happens in celestia and i know its supposed to be a challange but srsly i have to battle this much to maybe get 2 items needed. Plz fix this

Apr 30, 2010
I agree 100%. It took me forever to get the shark's teeth and many of the other objects in Celestia.