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Drop Rates

Oct 22, 2009
I know people keep complaining about drop rates of items they need to collect and I couldn't agree more. Not only are the rates weird but people who jump in for one turn have much likely a chance of getting the same items you need! Using my Diviner I make quick work of most enemies in CL but i'm tired of getting in a 4v4 duel killing most of the enemies and not getting anything out of it. The people with me get what they need and most of the time they don't do any significant offensive damage. Drop Rates really need to be adjusted because if one wiz does all the work while another one reaps the rewards of his labor how is this fair? As least give the players who get the kill shot what they need because that seems more fair then giving it to a wiz who just joined the fight and who hasn't done anything. Not trying to complain just showing concern over a common trend.

Wolf-Grandmaster Diviner