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Difficult vs. Impossibility

Jun 29, 2009
zeffyra wrote:
I am a solo player, primarily because there are a lot of children that play, and without knowing their parents, I prefer to play alone. The new realm makes this a complete impossibility. The monsters have too many buffs, too much life, too many critical hits etc. The realm is most definitely designed in favor of the monsters. I have had to fight my way through this game in some very tight situations. For example, I have fought my way through every boss, solo. The only times I haven't, are when I was called upon to help others.

These monsters are not even bosses, however, fighting them are far more difficult than ANY boss I have faced in this game so far, in fact, I find soloing the bosses here actually a bit easier than the regular creatures in game. I have tried with both my old gear from previous realms, as well as the "new" gear designed for this realm. What I have found are several things: 1. that the new gear is utter hog swallow, and does absolutely no good, not for either the crit chance, or the so called defense. 2. I have watched monsters crit non-stop, while I have yet to see any player crit. 3. The changes to storm's ability where it is either 10, 100 or 1000 damage, hits most often at 10 and 100 on players side, but the monsters hit at 1000+ every single use of that same spell. 4. the new gear have lower life, are, no crit chance etc, so with all that you have given to the monsters for buffs/boosts and advantages, the player has no chance whatsoever unless fighting in a full team, and even then it is highly debatable.

Nonetheless, there need to be changes to this realm in order to make it more fair play for those of us that ARE playing, since we are also paying, because I for one am nearly at the point that I will delete my account, cancel my subscription etc, whereas before I had planned on other accounts in order to train every class. The game has ceased having any aspect of fun or entertainment, and has become more of a source of infinite frustration. I don't mind difficulty in a game, but one thing I DO mind very much is impossibility and this has definitely crossed that line.

I agree especially with the armor part. It the armor they give doesn't get good at all till we hit level 56 and level 54 and 52 have health stats like mooshu

Sep 16, 2010
I guess I am in the minority here, but I find Celestia to be a refreshing challenge as opposed to the repetitive and monotonous Pre-Celestia game.

Before this thread, I did not even KNOW what a henchman was... before this thread I did not realize that Celestia was IMPOSSIBLE to solo (it's not)... before this thread, I thought Wizard 101 was a walk in the park, compared to other MMOs. Guess I have been enlightened! :)

Seriously folks...

I will concede that there ARE balance issues with some of the non-boss duels... and I will concede that there ARE difficult challenges in Celestia. It is (after all), end game content (until the next expansion).

If you are an adult, and around lvl 54+ I'd be happy to help you through some rough spots. I'm a Myth Wizard, and baby I can solo... yes. But I also love a capable partner (whiners need not apply). PM me and we can arrange to meet up.

PS... I subscribe to the game. The only time I have bought crowns was to redo my training points. So, it can be done. You CAN play the game without spending crowns.

Feb 25, 2009
cotguy130 wrote:
I have to echo the OPs sentiments, but I appreciate gtarhannon's encouragement. I want to like Celestia, and I want to continue to enjoy W101 (along with my 8yo).

I also want to solo if my son's not along (and he can't get to Cel. yet). I have real friends. I do not need 'forced socialization'. Most of the other players I've encountered in Cel. have been rather unpleasant, arrogant people. This gives me even less desire to team with them and be forced to listen to their constant criticism of everyone else's tactics.

KI has shown that they don't give alot of weight to customer input. They seem to have a "we know what's best for you" attitude. That's fine. I have an "I know what's best for my entertainment dollar" attitude. Putting me in situations that are constantly frustrating and irritating isn't the best for me or KI's corporate wallet.

Agree 100% I am 19 and live to play with my siblings and other "younger" family members around the states we don't get to visit often enough - its amazing how we can connect here. Wiz101 has been a family and friend gathering point. BUT! >> It has become a irritating nightmare with the younger wizards porting. :? At one time they ported to me with arms once open wide, NOT ANY MORE! :? Celestia seems to be an adult and young adult area where MANY adults are playing 2+ wizards at one time to complete it. How many little kids have THAT luxury.

Also younger wizards will mostly end up getting fellow wizards in celestia killed with their lack of understanding or concern (heck they just wanna whack that mob and woot - who cares if we die lol). Yet the frustrated adults are understandably upset when this happens (me too, i'm human!). I have had to block ports to do celestia out of respect for fellow gamers and that hurts me as much as my young family members. I dont like this causing a division.

The younger wizards will not be able to complete it until they have an "adult mind" or an adult does it for them, and we all sort of love their carefree serendipity in the game :D Celestia has no room for fumbles of the younger wizard generation.

May 15, 2009
Ugh as much as i hate to agree... i do.
it took a miracle for me to get to level 60, though i had 3 friends with me AT ALL TIMES, it was still pain stakingly difficult
at times i wanted to hurl my computer out the window screaming in frustration
and its not the fact there are bosses with their own special rules
i can live with that
bosses with high health? pfft! big deal i could use leviathan, triton, or storm lord and take care of that, its the fact that when you start out it is insanely difficult because of how hard these mob on the streets of celestia can hit you for at the very beginning of this world.
believe me if my best friend wasn't ice and secondary life i don't think i would have made it past the district of the stars!
King's Isle i know you are trying your best
but this " i know what's best for you" attitude of yours is starting to irk my chain
and i feel like going BACK to WoW after i swore i would never.
but that issue is for another time,
i honestly have no trouble at all quitting this game if i wanted, but i truly have high hopes for King's Isle
if they can find a way to fix the mess they have created i would be more then happy to forgive them and renew my subscription after this month

Sep 16, 2010
Thechaosmagician wrote:
Ugh as much as i hate to agree... i do.
it took a miracle for me to get to level 60, though i had 3 friends with me AT ALL TIMES, it was still pain stakingly difficult
at times i wanted to hurl my computer out the window screaming in frustration

You made it to level 60 already? Did you even stop to smell the roses or explore the world? How can you be frustrated when you have reached cap in less time than it took me to read the patch notes?

It is a proven fact that threatening to quit a game just because you demand it, does not mean the developers or publisher will cave into your demands. Furthermore, I am willing to bet my crowns on that! :)