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Did my Frog give you a Migraine?

Mar 02, 2009
This post is regarding the anglers, specifically in the Crustacian Empire. My myth is currently fighting there, and (being overleveled as he always is by doing EVERY side quest) he always gets KOs on the minions. But whenever his Humungofrog kills them, they grab their heads. THey do not exhibit the normal dying behavior of Celestia. They do now trip and fall to the ground, or grab their chests. All in all, it looks like they have a headache. Could this be fixed? For those of us who take the time to read the dialogue, Celestia is one of the more serious worlds, and for the most part the enemies and NPCs fit.... Except this death sequence. Change, please!

Samuel Titanfist, 95
Malorn Mistweave, 65
Hunter Soulshard, 16
Talon* Stormsea, 7

*Sorry about mistake on the Krokotopia post in the Dorms forum