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Cuthalla can't make up his mind

Aug 03, 2009
What exactly are Cuthalla's (Stormriven) interrupts now? Iwas helping some people with him yesterday, and a few things worked differently than I have seen before:
(1) If Ghoul is used on Cuthalla, the 90% shield goes on Cuthalla, not the player.
(2) Lightning Bats will trigger Cuthalla's 5,000 power Satyr.
(3) Pixie and (I think) Sprite cause Cuthalla to cast Wraith.
(4) Helping Hands, a 3-pip spell, does not trigger Cuthalla's Tower Shield interrupt.
Last time I fought him, it was the typical <4 pip spell=Tower on Cuthalla, Ghoul= 90% TS on caster, and Xpip spells= 5000 power Satyr on Cuthalla.

Aug 15, 2009
You are right Cuthalla cant make up his mind because he seems to be a puzzle boss. I hope they dont change him cause of that. For all the frustrations of Celestia, I love the puzzle bosses. At first they seem to cheat but they arent really. They are an enigma and cause of that makes them interesting each and every fight.
Now if Ki could have changing puzzle and puzzle bosses through out the rest of the spires the game would achive a whole different level of replayability.
And the stuff you just listed may or may not work the same way with the next fight with cthulla.
He may or may not drop good stuff but i dont know because my mind is so ramped up after his fights that i forget to look.
It just now occured to me that it may be a set of bugs with him, but hey dont change it just cause its a bug because its a bug worth keeping. At least a bug worth keeping to save time and put effort in fixing other bugs in the game.

Dec 21, 2008
I know right. The other day Cuthalla seemed to use tons of tower shields and then satyr. I mean come on. ok I understand bosses cheat but this is too much .

Jun 03, 2009
I thought a rank 3,2,1 or x triggered his Saytr :P I beat him but with random people