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Crustacean Help

Mar 19, 2009
This happened to me, but not as bad.

Today and yesterday, me and my brother have been working in Celestia, Science Center and Crustacean Empire, so I could help him get to Zafaria, and so far we've gone up to fighting Nellek. After we've fought Nellek, he was level 59. Then, he had no forward quests. I remember that appening to me, and it was the same thing, but I was almost level 59, he was half way. We ran around side questing, until he had no Celestia quests at all. I remembered I spoke to Leutinent Dafoe, and it fixed and I ended up beating Praetor Mako and Celestia itself. I had gotten to level 60 right before talking to Dafoe, so I figured we should level him up. We did the Trial of the Spheres with his friend named Daniel GhostShard, level 33, and beat it. At the end, he was level 60. So, we went to Mr. Dafoe. Nothing. I also remembered Calypso, so we went to her, nothing. That's when I gave up. He wanted to go to Wysteria, so I said he could do that. I wen't and searched "Schodinger's Cat" on Google. I came here after that. Pleas help!

P.S. If Thurston Plunkett is the solution, I'm gonna try right now.
P.S.S. Schodinger's Cat is an epic Paradox!