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Crustacean Clawcutters Redux (Grrr...)

May 03, 2011
Well, my second wizard has reached Celestia, and is now fighting those Crustaceans in the Grotto, trying to collect clues. Ah, the memories! Constant Triton and Kraken attacks, with the occasional Wild Bolt thrown in to liven things up. Health draining down to nothing. Spending pips on Satyr, which I haven't had to do anywhere else, even in Wintertusk thus far. And then, when I finally manage to come out of it alive, those ominous words "Do Not Collect, Try Again." And again, and again. If you've read Dante, you might remember a story about a guy named Sisyphus, who had to roll a boulder up a mountain over and over, only to have it roll down again EVERY TIME. This was a medieval poet's version of the infernal afterlife. If he were writing today, surely fighting Crustacean Clawcutters over and over, ad nauseam, ad infinitum, ad insane-am (made that one up) would play a role in his Inferno. Because it is hellish.

I really do try not to use this forum to air complaints. Especially ones that have been aired repeatedly, to no (apparent) avail. But today, facing yet another hundred senseless Celestian Defeat-and-(Do Not) Collects, I cannot help myself. Thank you for your patience in reading my lament. Peace out.

Tabitha Ravenheart, Level 55 Death